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Superbowl Snacks

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We’ve got to stop the mindset that healthy food is something to suffer through to achieve a goal.  Healthy can and should be delicious.

We love a good superbowl snack as much as the next person.  This year we decided on a 7-layer dip.

Oh, and this was as easy as it was delicious.  It got rave reviews from both family and friends.

A reminder here to read your labels!  There is no reason for us to tolerate all the junk that is put in our foods.

Vote with your dollar at the grocery store.  Purchase the product that only has ingredients that are acceptable to you.

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Quick Tip – Taco Seasoning

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We made a cleanish version of 7-layer dip for the superbowl yesterday. The recipe called for taco seasoning. Please, please don’t purchase those over priced little packets. Stock your pantry with good quality, pure spices and mix your own. This took us about 3 minutes to throw together and we didn’t get all the nasties and fillers (and even sugar!) that come in some pre-mixed packets.

Plus, it’s very customizable.  If you like more garlic and pepper flavor, just add more.  Lots of recipes call for additives such as corn starch.  We’ve found that it works perfectly fine without it.  YMMV.

The finished product got rave reviews btw.

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Eat Your Greens!

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Even though the weather has been pretty nice here in Southern TN for the last few days, winter definitely still has it’s dark, cold grip on us.  And while visions of warming soups, stews and steaming chili’s comfort the mind and body, let’s not forget greens.

We may not typically think of salads and greens at this time of year, but we should.  Many hearty greens are plentiful locally and just bursting with nutrition and deliciousness.

green leaves 1

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Bone Broth

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We’re certainly not the first people to make bone broth.  Any quick google search will yield more information than you want.  Along with tons of “recipes” you will no doubt find copious articles listing a myriad of health benefits.

Mercola, as usual, sums it up nicely.

Full of nutrients and easy to make with very little hands on time involved, bone broth should absolutely be a staple in your healthy eating plan.

This is beef bone broth pictured, however you can make broth from chicken, pork or even fish (increasing the bones to 4 pounds for chicken and 6 pounds for fish).  Always try to make sure that the bones are as clean as possible (pastured/organically raised).  These particular bones are from Sequatchie Cove Farm

We start with about 3 pounds of bones, and try to include marrow and knuckle bone for their unique nutritional properties.

bone broth

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Beet Salad

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This is a great winter salad and it’s so easy and economical that there is really no excuse to not include it in your healthy menu.

1 medium beet, peeled and diced

1 medium onion, diced

lots of sea salt and coarse black pepper (not shown)

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The Problems with Homemade Deodorant (and how to fix them)

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This is probably not the first time you’ve heard of homemade deodorant. It’s a pretty common concept in holistic/naturalistic blogs. But what many might not mention is why it (sometimes) doesn’t work out so well.

I don’t think there is any question that it’s a good idea to keep as many artificial ingredients out of our diet and off of our bodies. So homemade deodorant seems to be a natural progression for those of us that place value in such things. And truth be told, the cleaner we’ve eaten, the less body odor we’ve had.

But let’s face it, it’s deodorant. It has to work.

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Breaking Bad Habits

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One of the main goals of this blog is to be as transparent as possible in the missions we are trying to achieve.  To tell the truth, the positives and the negatives.  I realized this morning that we’re already failing at this even before the first blog post is up.  So, time to come clean.

Mike and I have been talking about getting this blog off the ground for a couple of years.  We started taking action toward it several months ago.  We bought the domain name and even started making pictures of recipes and the process of preparing them.  We would spend hours and hours discussing fonts and colors and pictures but it never seemed “perfect”.  Days were spent on deciding a blog platform, then on the template, then the menu buttons (should they be dropdown, or not) and how the gallery should look.  One painstaking decision after another.  Nothing ever seemed ready to publish.

Nothing ever seemed perfect.  We kept thinking of what would make it better.  What would make it good enough. 

This has been, and will continue to be, a work in progress.  Since we’re still in the very beginning stages of this blog, doing it pretty much on our own at this point, and learning as we go, there will likely be errors.  Things won’t always look perfect.  But this is us, blunders and all.


We’re glad you’re here.