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Fermentation with our new Kraut Source

Fermentation with our new Kraut Source

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You’ve probably heard by now how important good gut bacteria is to overall health.  Microbiology of gut flora is a daunting topic that we won’t go into here.  Not right now at least.

We’d been hearing about fermented food since way back in the late 1990’s when we came across the Sally Fallon book, Nourishing Traditions (which was way, way beyond us at the time).

A couple of years ago the subject came up again with the folks at Crabtree Farms.  At the time, we were new(ish) CSA members and had quite a bit of unfamiliar produce in which to contend that was perfect for fermentation.  We kept hearing time and again how easy it was, and so we finally got brave and tried it.

Everyone was right.  For the most part it was super easy.  The main issue we had was keeping the vegetables submerged below the level of the brine (which is important to prevent mold).  And then we found the Kraut Source device.  We’d tried other products, but this is by far our favorite.  It is exactly what we envisioned but couldn’t figure out.  And it’s a small start-up company with excellent customer service.

We’ve now been fermenting for close to a couple of years so the process seems very natural to us at this point.

If you do a facebook search, you’ll find many groups about fermentation.  As always, don’t just listen to anyone, be wise about whose advice you follow.

There are many great recipes and how to videos online, but we just wanted to do a little clipped video showing how we do it.  It takes us about an hour to get it started, from washing the vegetables to clean up.  And then we have this super, probiotic food to eat on for weeks!


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