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You Gotta Start Somewhere

You Gotta Start Somewhere

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Eventually we hope to have all of our food experiences mapped out here.  We now eat mostly whole, minimally processed, nutrient dense foods.  We eat organic when we can.  We try to eat local and seasonal as much as possible.  We attempt to give our bodies what they need, realizing that needs change sometimes.  This, however, has been a process.  It’s taken us years to get here and we’re still far from perfect.


We frequently have friends asking where to start.  That is such a hard question to answer. Truth is, we’re not sure where YOU should start, because one of the most important parts of beginning on a whole nutrition pathway is finding out what works for you.  It has to be something that you can live with, build upon, and something that gives you big bang for your buck.

There are some simple facts that we’ve found out along the way:

1.) Eating whole food can take more time in the kitchen

2.) Eating whole food (particularly organic) can cost more money

3.) Eating whole food is not as convenient and takes planning

It’s a commitment.  A labor of love.  And like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  And it does get easy and natural with time.

If you want to start where we started, cut out gluten.  Do it today.  Do it cold turkey.  Why start here?  Because cutting out gluten automatically cuts out a TON of junk and nutrient void food. We’re not saying to go out and buy a bunch of gluten free products either.  We’re saying that anything you would eat that naturally contains gluten, avoid it.  With gluten being a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, this eliminates a lot of what we call “filler” foods such as hamburger buns, pizza crusts and pasta.

We will be putting up a post soon on some meal ideas that only incorporate this first step.  Stay tuned.

People ask us, “OK, so you don’t eat out and you don’t eat X or Y, so what do you eat?

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We believe that discovering real food is a process. It’s not an instant, “microwave” experience that our society seems to have become accustomed to. It starts with a desire to nourish yourself and only works when you commit yourself and unlearn some of the myths that people still believe about food.

The process started for us by taking small steps. The first thing we removed from our diet was gluten. Sorry bread lovers, but you’re not eating your grandfathers wheat. You’re eating a GMO version of grandpa’s wheat and it’s most likely not doing you any favors.

As we move forward with this page and our website, we’ll be sharing our experience regarding healthy eating and living. We’re going to share what we’ve discovered so far and continue to do so as we continue to discover what makes us healthier and what makes us sicker. We’re on a journey and we are NOT the ultimate authorities on this subject. Hint: there is no “ultimate” authority.

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This is not about a “90 day challenge” or some new drink or shake mix or something to do until you move on to the next socially popular idea about eating and your health. Consider this the challenge of your life because that’s whats at stake every time you listen to someone comes along trying to sell you some kind of quick fix, new breakthrough, miracle path (or pill) to wellness.

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As with anything, do your research and become educated on what works best for you.


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